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Make menu pane always visible

When clicking on a menu item (e.g. Quick Queries > Reports) that references a lot of entries on the right hand side, and when scrolling down the right hand side, the menu part on the left hand side disappears above.

We request that the left hand side menu slides along the scrolling, or simply remains in place without following the scrolling.

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We are planning to add a toolbar with the actions (run, schedule,...) of the menu.

Would that be a good solution for your need ?


Hi Philippe

Try for a better explanation.

We request that the menu items doesn’t move above while scrolling the findings.


(148 KB)

Hi Felix,

Yes. We would provide a toolbar like this, that does not move when you scroll :


Salut Philippe, j'espère que ce sera plus clair comme ça, voir pièce jointe.



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Thank you for the clarification.

We are analysing how to best address this.

We have introduced the global parameter FixedMenu as part of V3.4 (V3.3 patch 4). By default it is disabled for consistency with past behaviour

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