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Using several mcell.dir's

Hi all,

It would be helpfull if we could use for example a mcell.dir for Admins and a mcell.dir for Users.

We don't want that "normal" user could use all cells for reporting (as example), but Admins should have the possibility to use all cells.

I don't think that this is possible out of the box or did I miss something?

Thanks a lot and cheers


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If you mean "restrict which cells a user can access in the QuickQueries module", you can actually do that :

- Edit the permissions of the user's group

- In the QuickQueries section, set the permission "Access all data sources" to NO

- List the cell(s) to which the user has access in the "Authorized data sources" permission. Cellnames must be comma-separated. You can include (or not) the  DB as a souce by providing the DB type (MySQL, ORACLE or MSSQL) in the list.


Hi Philippe,

thanks a lot. Sorry, I've overseen this possibility.

That's wonderfull.

Should I delete thisy request?

Have a great weekend



Thanks Markus, we have marked the item as implemented, no need for any action on your side.

Have a great week-end! 

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