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Informations about last modification

For the work with Proactive Pack in an environment with multiple users it would be very helpful to see on each record (e.g. in DDA modules like EVENT_REGISTRATION) the Information about the last modifier, last modification date, maybe what has changed.

That could be a hoover text or an additional menu Point.

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Hello Urs,

Thanks for the suggestion.

The cell API does not support forcing the value of the mc_modification_requestor slot, so we will need to use another (custom) slot to store the last modifier.

We will build an extension of the DDA Modifier that will allow to identify and use a dedicated slot to automatically store the user who creates/modifies a given DDA entry.

We will confirm if this can make it into our 3.3 release (Sep)

Thank you !

Confirmed for 3.3 release in September.

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