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Add a column to the DB table

You sometimes may need to add new slots to the event class, or decide that slots  that were previously excluded from reporting, should be included.

To do that.

1. Ensure the slot you want to report against is NOT in the "ExcludedEventSlots" list of slots of your QuickQueries configuration

2. Obtain the ProactivePack database credentials, the name of the ProactivePack database (by default “EVENTDB”) and the name of the events table (by default EVENT_REP_MAIN)

3. Run the following command  (assuming the DBUser is “PpackUser” and service name is MyDB)
sqlplus PpackUse@MyDB

4. Enter the ProactivePack user password
Within the prompt, type in a statement as follows

SQL>  alter table EVENT_REP_MAIN add


 <slotname> varchar2(<<newwidth>)



Table  altered.

<slotname> is the name of the new slot

varchar2 is the typical data type to use for STRING slots, but DATE or INT could be valid data types

<new width> is the numerical value of the column width (e.g. 256) 


5. Edit (using a text editor) the file $PRODUCT_HOME/config/custom/QuickQueries.conf

a. In the last section of the file ( [SQLImportParameters]), add a row for your new slot like follows :

length_<slotname>=<new width>


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