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Enabling the Data Wizard

This applies to customers using the DDAModifier module, version 3.2 and above.

If you manage multipe DDA tables using ProactivePack, you end up with a large number of entries in the left-side menu, which may become unpractical.

The data wizard consolidates all your tables under a single point of entry.

To enable :

1.For each user group that uses DDAModifier, enable the global permission "Activate DDA Wizard" :


2. For the same user groups, set the "view" permission on the DDAWizard module :


Note that if the "DDAWizard" module does not appear in the list of modules for the user group, you can add the following lines to the file (either from the ProactivePack console if the text editor is allowed, or directly within the file) :





3. If you followed step 1 and 2, the individual menu entries (one per table) in the menu disappear, and the single point of entry to manage these DDA is under the "Data Wizard" :


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