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How to troubleshoot email generation

In case scheduled emails containing reports or queries are not sent/received as expected , check the following :

1. Check the ProactivePack prerequisites (Administration -> About -> Check prereqs). Among other things check that the CellTickInterval of the sending cell is set to 1m

2. Review the Mail parameters of the Global module (Administration -> Global -> Mail)

3. Review the cell KB scripts send_qq_bymail and send_qq_file_bymail. Both files must be edited to contain correct values for the following parameters :






The "ProactivePackUser" must be registered in ProactivePack AND have access to QuickQueries module to run queries and reports.

4. Ensure that the ProactivePack notification services are loaded by the cell - These actions are available in the file ./tools/kb/data/ProactivePack_MailSender_InitData.baroc

5. Ensure that the SendMail DDA entries use the correct action : 

-> For QuickQueries and Dashboards :


-> For reports :


6. Whenever an email must be generated based on a schedule, there should be a "MAILSENDER_EV" event in the cell.

7. MAILSENDER_EV call the execution of the send_qq scripts. Check the remote action results of those actions to identify further issues

8. Check the proactivepack.Trace for additional information

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The next release (3.3) of ProactivePack will include an email generation test as part of the prereqs check function

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