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Delete data permanently from database

Hi Philippe

Based on our discussion we would like to delete data from PAP database periodically and permanently. 

The reason is our Data Protection Act that commits us to delete all data older than a defined time range with some conditions_

- the timerange must be configurable

- a logfile must be written

  - the log filename must be configurable

  - the place of the logfile must be configurable

  - a housekeeping for the log file is defined

  - the timestamp in the logfile must be configurabl

  - the content of the logfile must be

    - hostname=<hostname>

    - processid=<processid>

    - severity=<INFO|CRITICAL> INFO=default, CRITICAL when an INC should be created

    - application-id=<application-id>

    - message   (e.g. sessionid=<sessionid>


This as a detailed specification (should be descussed deeper).

Thx for taking care of that.

Kind Regards, Urs

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