ProactivePack for Monitoring 2.0 - Change log



Fix "back button" issue with the add template workflow

Obfuscate auth token in the output of the script

Sorting on templates

Sort hidden instead of disabled

Extract and store instance additional info

History management

Use "latest" notion for solution version in monitoring catalog

Store the CMA repository information in the MonitoringProfiles table.

Use the CMA repository information to set latest version of monitoring catalog models

Improve content of TrueSight templates

Change page title in case of saved report/query

Relate remote devices with their KM (Linux / Windows) 

Tables view in Database Management

Time selection for DB view

SMPAdmin functions args managed depending on Scema

associate remote agent for VM monitoring

Add monitoring cosmetic changes

Remote threshold reporting

Fix schema generation issue when password includes special chars

improve threshold validation

Ability to restrict reporting dimensions based on new permission "HiddenDimensions"

correct some display errors in table and pdf format

Reporting table filtering/sorting issue

Thresholds reporting (local & remote)

introduce expert mode for monitor add

Case of query empty and display mode ehanced

verify installed KMs against policies

Product hardening

Admins functions 

restrict host groups to devices w agents

Groups corrections

check model OS against device OS

Reporting sort not case sensitive anymore, Save modal btn label changed

Right click from reporting to DeviceConfiguration

Right click from reporting to Group Configuration

Right click from reporting to Thresholds Configuration

Reporting to selected Threshold

Edit properties in wizard, expand tile function

Tree view beta

JStree work

Management of ProactivePack_YESNO fields for TrueSight (create/modify)

add a backend task when adding a policy to a device

MSSQL template added to standard catalog

restrict template subscriptions of host groups based on installed KM across all members of host group

ability to set precedence in policy quick edit

add parameter CheckKMPResenceOnAddMonitor

Advanced log file search

Fix issue with first device specific threshold not updating correctly

Enhance tracing on "ImportInstanceInfo" routine

monitoring calalog cleanup