ProactivePack for Events 3.8 - change log

3.8.0 GA Change log




cleanup the default.ootb file

Add colresizable datatable module

Remove the need to set the PPACK URL in the Scheduler and SMP configuration

Fix issue with banner bar when FixedMenu=1

Include Crypt/ by default

Check headers before sending Postgres query details

Auto logout

Fix patch upload constraint with PHP 7.2 / 7.3 

Fix too old JS versions

ProactivePackFullScreenWait changed on click

Add patch commands file

Adjust labels in print_hour_minute_selector

avoid issues with trailing slashes in the external login url

introduce parameter ConsoleDebugView

Add orange skin

Propagate FullScreen feature

Improve menu permissions mapping with menuactions.internal

Search label changed to icon

Style issue when page marked as home

Admin menu order improved

Notifications started

add new notifications

destroy sessions on exit after scheduled tasks

Notification pref on splash page



Ajax to set and retrieve value after change

Avoid sorting on search

Refresh button in view page



Minor adjustments to the tracing in case of Oracle errors

Fix issue of  &nbsp chars in the table

Fix schema generation issue when password includes special chars

Error handling for Treemaps and turboThreshold increased

HighCharts error management improved


Treemap hardening

New query type :  Carousel

New query type: tiles



Fix labeling issue in profile operations buttons

Fix labeling issue

duration validation correction

Hosts availables solution on page load instead of on field focus

Search in host list feature

Calendar view top page style improved

Search only in Calendar view



Improve error hanndling if fail retrieving TIME_FRAME from cell



Add a prereqs check for the execution of the schtasks command

Provide "run now" capability

Run Now corrections

Add refresh button

remove run if Sched not active

Set job scope ; set permissions on view run manage

Add /dev/null redirection on Linux for PP tasks

Table change for better look