ProactivePack for Events 3.7 / ProactivePack for Monitoring 1.2

Change log

3.7.0 GA upgrade_from_36_to_37 (SVN revision 3416 - build date 2019-11-05)+




Cosmetics & localization of about page

manage slotnames containing a dash

Fix skin not loaded on session start

ColResize for datatables added

Datatable generalisation started


Set language as persistent user pref

Use FullScreen=1 to remove menu bars and top/footer bars

Set warning on licence expiry

correction on foldernav

jstree improved

improve patching 

filtering improvements

disable stateSaveCallback on DataTables change

filtering changed to dropdown for dates

Datatable searching html improved

DataTable Sort/filter

DataTable select to text switching OK

DataTable search improved

Changes on selectors to retrieve Blackout ReadOnly

Remove MailSender module config

KB material cleanup

improve user audit

change PostgreSQLConnectDB to PostgreSQLGetConnection

Remove console.log in JS

Style corrections



ReadOnlySlotsForCreation fix

Fix issue where leaf classes are not correctly retrieved

fix issue with isHTML

IE Issue ViewDeleteDDAModifier

Validate number of columns in xls import

Avoid datatables on import error

Allow smart tooltips in select and multiselect objects

Row select back

Improve line selection



Style corrections

Fix dashboard error in subfolders

Fixed error on ExtraObjects hardening

Add shell widget in weather map

Fix drilldown workflow

QQ: Weather chart edit fixes

Sort slot for selection in table view

new functino for Virtual Slot Year and month

Treat slots as list

Process list slot values in graphs

Split list values final

Adjust weekday virtual slot

fix event count issue in table

Summed values graphs

Fix issue with between operator against DB

fix error message in DB stats

Columns resize test on TableSlot

Service Model Queries

Services maps adjustements

fix : impossible to create multiple tables dashboards

Issues when Excel not installed

DataTable cols def correction

Fix synthesis graph

Remove the QQAllData permission (redundant with NumberOfQueryCond)



Fix Issue 541

Improve style to win space on screen

Improve navigation after GetExternal values

CI Blackout with providers started

Recusive CIs phase 2

Impact recursive

Set permissions on profiles

Custom selector and PHP 7.1

Change mechanism of blackout object cleanup

Label changed correction

Comment management improved



Fix incident 3594 - AM/PM display broken

DataTable aligned and filter/Sort improved



correct styling issue

fix tracing calls

1/2/3 minutes and improved labeling

Default minutes to 5


ProxyUser logic

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