Version 3.5 available

Change log :



Improve logout

Improved display for global module admin tracelevel parms

Improve password encryption script

Allow File Upload feature

Incident #365: fix issue with german message catalog

Cleanup WebBemBaseURL in initialization

Fix the issue that "text" type external sources did not support spaces in the values

improve auditing & reporting on user module usage

Moved to updated dataTables

Add user id to prereqs check

ModuleAdmin for TSPS authent

External authentication hardening

simplify version display

HighCharts update

Hardcode tempspace

Remove Unix CLI dependency on



Suppress Y scrollbar

Key existence validation

Fix an issue where xls import data validation shows an incorrect cell.

improve audit messagesImprove auditing of purge ;

Fix issue with LIST_OF INTEGER import

Make xls import purge message more explicit

Tune validation entry logic

Entry Validation Script

Linked menus

Fix issue #389 where  key validation fails because the tag is not taken into consideration

Fix incident #81 where slot value assignments ($1.slot) were not considered correctly

Fix incident #403: empty input_match values not correctly managed

Cosmetic changes to include key sympol in table view

Use a separate section for default values in module config

Linked menus correction

Fix xls import with double-quoted fields



Fix issue with fixed graph colors

Incident 348 ("not like" condition not picking null values) fixed

Incident 344 : Special chars not showing correctly in graphs

Issue 360, Folder not used in query copy

incident 344 : Accented characters issue in MSSQL queries on IIS

Provide curl version to send query url

Issue #377 - copy to table not possible

Incident #416 : simple mails not correctly sent

Reduce list of excluded slots

Fix DBOracleOID issue in

Fix incident #438

Address RFE "remove empty lines from report"

Implement EnableLegacyDashboards parameter to hide/show legacy dashboards

HighChartsClientSide upgrade

Hardening of email generation

Fix incident #440

QUery update correction in folders

Donut added

Fix dashboard title

improve event message when colons are missing

Added donut ratio

Workaround for parse_ini_file for Ajax_updatequery.php

Fix Current folder Windows Issues



Fix issue where calendar view forbidden if user only has access to custom blackouts

Bad handling of calendar names including dots.

Fix issue with match_regex(part 1)

Add multilines in regexp

Help icon to blue if help available

Manage != CLOSED as well as not_equals CLOSED

Custom CLASS management

Custom empty field OK, labels FR and EN OK

Fix typos in help.html

Add filtering for period status and Scroll bars for tabular view

correction on profile period removal

Linked menus corrections

Back to server TZ/DST in case cookies expired

DST detection improved

TZ detection correction

event API for custom blackouts

RFE on Modify/Copy member of Profil

Menu back to OK

Rename Maintenance_Custom_Event.baroc

Rename CustomMaintenance_Event.mrl

Added Actions created by RAE

Notification events for blackouts stop and start

Start/stop notifications hardening

add rules to manage CLI

Remove remote actions



Fix issue with german date format

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