ProactivePack 3.4.2 available !

We are happy to announce the release of ProactivePack 3.4.2 - packed with new functionalities !

Among others :

- Global

o Ability to upload files for module configuration, see permission  AllowFileUpload

FixedMenu parameter to lock the console menu on top of the display.

TitleLabel parameter to set a custom page (tab) title

- DDAModifier

o Verification of the existence of an entry before creation is attempted

o EntryValidationScript parameter to provide an external mechanism to  validate DDA entries

CopyToNewNotCopiedSlots parameter to avoid copying some slot values  when a DDA entry is copied.

ConfirmDelete permission to control if a confirmation is required  before deleting an entry

Basic actions (view, add, Excel Import, modify, copy, delete) now  available in a toolbar in addition to within the context menu

New help page mechanism to provide additional information to end  users.

Search on individual columns

- BlackoutMgt

o Ability to filter enabled/disabled entries

o Ability to filter past/running/future entries

Custom CLASS management

Custom blackouts extensively rewritten for more flexible conditions

ConditionList no longer mandatory in custom Blackout

View of the custom blackouts through the console

Slot patterns can now be used to validate user inputs

New help page mechanism to provide additional information to end  users.


- QuickQueries

o Folders can be used to manage saved queries.

o Drag and drop can now be used to move queries, dashboards and  reports

Internationalization of the "age of oldest event" graph  text

Allow STRING slot to slot comparison, using the "$THIS.slotname"  notation

On the fly save Table slot but save to QQ

Add localized covers & table of contents (es/de)

- DDA Replication

o Housekeeping of backup folder based on file age 

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