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Logout and Licenses/Compatibility

Hi there,
I've to questions and was not sure if I should do a Support case for that:
-       We are on the way to migrate from IM7.4 to TrueSight 10.7. Is PAP fully compatible with TS 10.7.
-       Currently we have licenses for the PAP Pre-Prod and Prod Server. For the migration we will setup a new server where we have both on the same box, this new server will not be used from the server till we go live with True Sight.
Is it possible to use those licenses also on this new server during the time we have the old and new infrastructure.
-       During the last time I did once again several testings with PAP. During this I saw that if I do a signout in PAP, I'll be nor really logged of. If I start the next time PAP I'm logged in automatically. So this makes not easy if I want for testing switch the user. Is threre another way to handle that properly except restarting the IIS Server so I get again the Login or delete all within IE?
Thanks a lot and have a great weekend
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Sorry for the delayed reply

1. Yes, TS 10.x and 11.x is supported

2. Yes. You are "supported" as long as you do not exceed the licenced capacity at any time, so if you do not have the servers active (= in use) at the same time, you are ok. 

3. Noted. We know about this issue and will investigate to improve it.

Thank you !

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