ProactivePack 3.3 is available !

We are happy to announce ProactivePack 3.3 ! This release has been packed with new features, either roadmapped from our end or requested on the forum by our growing customer base !

New features include :


  • Support for PHP7 and PHP7.1 
  • German and Spanish localization 
  • Users may now choose their preferred date/time format 
  • Encryption for all application passwords 
  • User login statistics Improved navigation 


  • Visualize which data consume which calendar ! 

 Blackout Management 

  • Tooltips can be added in the blackout form Enable/Disable blackouts in one click


DDA Replication 

  • Option to consider only a subset of DDA entries during replication.
  • Additional external sources (text/DDA) in blackouts
  • Enable/Disable blackouts in one click

 DDA Modifier 

  • Improved audit Enable/disable an entry in one click 
  • Storage of last modifier information 
  • Date modification now showing by default in the table view. 

 Quick Queries 

  • Context menu available in event reports to create new data. 
  • Ability to add background images and objects in a weather map (images, text, urls) 
  • Ability to report on class-specific custom slots. 
  • Ability to build advanced conditions based on regular expressions

Download links are available to licenced customers under :