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Provide some simple reporting for Blackout module



I would like to have some simple reporting options to be available for the Blackout module. This is the actual use-case …


We would like to follow up on blackouts that are active for more than n amount of days sorted by age. This follow up can be considered as a QA routine to become part of our Event Review process.


Of course a ‘nice’ report with some figures would be appreciated, but even a simple export to Excel would be a good start. An export to Excel should only cover the blackout entries matching the filter criteria (sorted by age) and limit the available information to the ones selected.


Since PP is logging the name of the user that created the blackout entry, it would be easy to follow up on why that specific blackout is still active for such a long time.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestion, we will analyze what could be incorporated in the product.

In the meantime, the following is possible, at least for "classic" object blackouts

1. Create a DDAM module for the DDA class Maintenance_Periodes_Objets

2. Use the "search" dialog of the DDAM module to retrieve the entries you need (StartDate < X, active=yes, etc)

3. Export the result to XLS.

We fully agree this is not "it" - but this may help in the meantime.

Hi Philippe,

this is pretty much the workaround I am using as well. But there is one trap when it comes to exporting from DDAM module ... when you search for something, the result is filtered in DOM when you export you will always got the entire dataset. At least in version 3.0 we are still running ;-)

For now the export is fair enough but I still see this request a suitable use-case.


We introduced a "search" capability on the DDAM in 3.1. This is BEFORE the table is displayed, so you will be able to build more elaborate searches AND export only what you need.

Indeed the search in the table view is just at display level.



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Oh, that is great! I was waiting for this to be implemented ;-) Maybe I was a bit lazy when it comes to updates ;-)

I will go for 3.3 ASAP ... promised!


Marked therefore as implemented. Do not hesitate to reopen if needed.

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